Wylie Sanchez

Owner, Coyote Beard Productions, Austin, Texas 

“The TV production courses I took at CCSU were great! The professors were friendly, and the lessons were always interesting (and usually involved watching movies for homework!) Definitely sign up for Ritzenhoff and Kagan if you can, they genuinely want to help you succeed, and were very helpful in pushing me to pursue my dreams.

I was also working in the media center which was amazing! It was very hands-on, and I was given the chance to work behind the camera, in the edit room, even direct a few programs! My coworkers were amazing and Chad Valk was the best boss you could ask for.

I got a video editing job right out of college working for Charter Communications, a Fortune 500 telecommunications company. I learned a lot in my three years there, but wanted to expand more creatively, so I packed up and moved to Austin, Texas. Recently, I just launched my own video production company, Coyote Beard Productions. I do a lot of music video and performance video work, and really get to flex the creative muscles. The best advice I can give is that stepping out of your comfort zone really brings out the best in you. Try new things, be scared, struggle. It all builds the foundation for a fulfilling life doing what you love!”